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This is simply a list of research articles on TSW.  I just started this website, so it will be changing often.  If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears.  I will eventually put all the titles to the articles here, in case the links don't work.  Thanks!


DIAGNOSIS RELATED (or simply recognizing the diagnosis):


NO and Intermittent Fasting:

Topical Steroid Effects and Withdrawal:;year=2016;volume=61;issue=3;spage=265;epage=272;aulast=Lahiri

Can't find this whole article without purchasing, but it is from 1985, so I am sure we can find more current research.

This article is from the 1950s, but they already knew steroids weren't great for chronic conditions such as eczema.


"In the treatment of atopic eczemas, both the infantile and the adult form, the side-effects definitely must be weighed against the temporary beneficial results. Before resorting to adrenocortical steroids other types of therapy must be utilized to their fullest extent, for the relapse after cessation of these hormones can be severer than the original disorder"

Hypothyroidism and NO:


I happen to be hypothyroid and take medication for that.  I often wonder if it is due to my steroid use that I became subclinical (meaning having a slightly elevated TSH).  I have added NO and Thyroid research here, in case it is relevant to anyone.

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